About the Fashion Association Malta


The Association is an autonomous anvoluntary organization, oriented towardpromoting local interests in the fashion industry anfashion design such as art, culture, education, economics, charity, and international relations. It aims at conducting its affairs in accordance with the relevanprovisions of the law regulating it. 

Objectives of the Association

The Association is not established to trade or carry on commercial activities except limitedly as prescribed by law. 


The objectives of the Association shall be: 
–   To maintain a national organisation upholding the interests of the local fashion and beauty industry. Promoting collaboration between the Association’s member– Unions / Chambers / Councils / Associations / Advisory Committees  by exchanging information, establishing constant internal contacts betweethem. 
–   To manage, organise, support or supervise national and/or internationarelations and/or events in all itforms and in all levels within the territory of Malta, as it may deefit anproper. 
–   To prevent all sorts of discrimination as to politics, gender, religion or race within the Association and in its competitions as well as between its members. 
–   To assist beginners and encourage interest in the fashion industry.  
–   To establish methods of training through schools and academies. 
–   To maintain the highest level of organization that supports the fashion industry through strategic partnershipwith itEuropean anInternational counterparts. 
–   To act as a representative of the local fashion business community with similar international organisations and / or unions. 
–   To prepare the Ethical Fashion Code for adherence by its members.